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NAKACHU DESIGN At Nakachu, we strive to express the Japanese aesthetic in our designs.


The essence of traditional Japanese beauty made fresh and new.
This is the design concept underlying our towels. We hope you will enjoy the Japanese aesthetic apparent in our towels.

Lattice/Stripes. Inspired by the quiet beauty of the old Japanese house. A simple but strong design. Flower/Nature. Living with the soothing power of nature in our design. Japanese Garden. A traditional pattern of alternating stone and moss, long familiar in Japan. Kimono Patterns. Traditional Japanese textile designs that have enhanced
people’s lives for centuries. Designs of the seasons. Cherry blossoms in the spring and mapleleaves in the autumn. An imagined landscape reecting the beauty and variety of nature.

The Nakachu Wa-Modern Towel designs use Japanese traditional patterns and the scenery of the seasons.