How towels are made. A particular craftsmanship
How towels are made

A particular craftsmanship

Researching yarns and weaving techniques to make safe and ecologically-responsible products. To make the sheeting that will be used for the towel, Nakachu selects the best quality of cotton that will yield a strong yet soft product. The Imabari trademark guarantees that the product has passed rigorous standards of testing and inspection.



- Making yarn from cotton

We use yarn from China, Egypt and India. The yarn is spun in Japan and sent to our factories to be woven.


anufacturing with the yarn

- a special process for good design

The spun yarns are gently rolled again for dyeing so that the colors are uniform, a labor-intensive process necessary for Jacquard weaving.

Factory Image 1




The impurities and oils in the cotton yarns are eliminated. The yarn is then bleached and dyed. The rolled yarn now goes to a nishing process called cheese rolling. Finally, the yarn is coated with a paste to allow it to be woven easily. These processes are necessary to make both pure white and vividly colored towels.

Factory Image 2



- preparation for weaving

The dyed yarn is coiled around drums for both the warp and the weft.

Factory Image 3



- Imabari craftspeople show their techniques

The warp and weft are adjusted to create the loft and density of the pile and the towel is woven by craftspeople who must keep the tension uniform.

Factory Image 4


After process


  • The coating paste is washed o and the towel sheeting is dried by machine. The sheeting is cut to the desired towel sizes. Now, the designs are printed here and the surface of the pile is trimmed to reveal the pattern.(Shearing) Then, the towels are sent to be dyed.
Factory Image 5


Sewing processing

The towels are hemmed and the embroidered company logo is sewn in. Towel clothing and our bathrobe are completed here, too.

Factory Image 6


The last inspection and shipping

After another inspection, the rejects are shredded and the accepted towels are packed for shipping.

Factory Image 7