The useful tips of the towel. We would like you to get to know the meaning of each.
The useful tips of the towel

The useful tips of the towel

There are many materials and weaving techniques used in making towels.
We would like you to get to know the meaning of each.

Glossary of Towel Terms

Pile Image



A surface of upright cut or looped yarns. Densely woven loop piles
create the elasticity and the water absorption of the towels.

Gauze Image



A thin, light fabric in a plain weave. It is superior in breathability and water
absorption. This material is reliable for even a baby's delicate skin.

Jacquard weaving Image


Jacquard weaving

Weaving done on a Jacquard loom, rst demonstrated in 1801 by Joseph Jacquard. This loom allows for the creation of complex patterns that appear on both sides of a fabric. Nakachu’s important products are mostly made by using the Jacquard weaving process.

Non-twisted yarn Image


Non-twisted yarn

Less tightly twisted than usual so as to maintain air in the bers of the yarn and create softer, uer towels. It is superior in water absorptivity and retaining warmth.

Waffle-weave Image



Named for the wae's high and low pattern. It is also called a "honeycomb" weave. This weave increases water absorption. The high and low design creates a luxury look and feel and represents the best white towel in Nakachu's line.

Shearing Image



Cutting the surface evenly to create a velvet smooth surface, used mainly for the printed design towels.

The size of towels

We provide various towel sizes for various uses

The size of towels

Wide bath towel

80cm×160cm~100cm×200cm (approximately 31.4×62.9in~39.3×78.7in)
Can be used as a beach towel or a blanket.

Bath towel

60cm×120cm~70cm×140cm (approximately 23.6×47.2in~27.5×55.1in)
Most suitable for drying yourself after a bath.

Small bath towel

50cm×100cm (approximately 19.6×39.3in)
Suitable for children or for drying your hair. It is also good for sports or to take on a trip.

Face towel

33cm×75cm~40cm×80cm (approximately 12.9×29.5in~15.7×31.4in)
Convenient for face- and hand-washing. Indispensable in your daily.

Guest towel

33cm×33cm~35cm×40cm (approximately 12.9×12.9in~13.7×15.7in)
Especially for your guests but it can be used as a multipurpose towel.

Handkerchief towel

20×20cm~30×30cm (approximately 7.8×7.8in~11.8×11.8in)
Small enough to carry in your pocket. It is superior in water absorptivity.

Muer towel

20cm×120cm~34cm×150cm (approximately 7.8×47.2in~13.3×59.0in)
Useful for warming your neck when you are outdoors in early spring or late autumn. It is also superior in water absorption.

Sports towel

35cm×100cm~40cm×130cm (approximately 13.7×39.3in~15.7×51.1in)
Longer than the muer, it can be wrapped around your shoulders. And it is highly absorbent.

Baby bath towel

90cm×90cm (approximately 35.4×35.4in)
The square shape makes it easy to wrap the baby.


How to wash towels



Wash a stained towel immediately so that the stain does not smell.




Wash it in a lot of water so as to remove dirt easily. The washing will also eliminate any odors, even if the towel is dried indoors.



To keep the towel from losing its softness, avoid squeezing the towel too hard.



Fabric softener is eective for use with older towels when their surface has hardened. Softener may harm the absorption ability and damage the bers of a new towel. You may want to use an aroma spray.

How to dry towels



Drying towel Image

Untangle the towel before drying. Shake the towel several times in the air. The air will help the towels to dry more quickly and the towels will retain their volume. (And it's good exercise, too.)



After shaking

Gently tumble dry and remove the towel from the dryer immediately.
If you dry the towels outdoors, then dry them in the shade because sunlight has a tendency to harden the fabric of the towel.

How to store towels

Correct storage will extend the life of the towel.


Shake the towels to enhance uness before folding or rolling them and stack them gently in a well-ventilated space. Your towels should maintain their softness and absorbency for a long time.

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