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NAKACHU PRODUCTS. Nakachu's latest original products reveal the traditional beauty of Japan. The Wa-Modern Towel evokes a feeling of familiarity with the past. The Rakuyo-zome Towel is woven of organic cotton and dyed with organic materials.

Nakamura Chuzaemon Collection-1

Wa-Modern Towel. Traditional design revived in a stylish modern towel. The designs reect a Japanese sensibility and aesthetic

Nakamura Chuzaemon Collection-2

Rakuyo-zome Towel. Beautiful, sumptuous designs that evoke nature.

Nakamura Chuzaemon Collection-3

Mensha-ori Towel. Lovely and casual design and soft to the touch.

Nakamura Chuzaemon Collection-4

Komon-gara Towel. A heartwarming folk design.

Original Collection-1

The White T owel. A color that ts into any decor, the White Towel is calming to the eye and soothing to the skin.

Original Collection-2

The Organic T owel. Made of cotton grown without chemicals, a superior natural product.

Original Collection-3

Baby’s Towel. Soft and cuddly so as not to irritate baby's delicate skin.

Original Collection-4

Designer Towel. The playful Amigo towel for children, created by artists of the world.