Komon-gara. A heartwarming folk design.

Nakamura Chuzaemon Collection-4

Komon-gara Towel

A heart-warming folk design.

The folk art designs in this series easily read as modern designs.
They are representative of the Jacquard weaving of the Nakamura Chuzaemon brand.

Same-gara (shark)

A superior Edo period komon design, sophisticated in its simplicity.

  • Color : Black(back side White)
  • Size : Face/Bath

Seigaiha-gara(waves in blue ocean)

A design that augurs good fortune and an auspicious future. It was widely used in festivals and for clothing for celebrations.

  • Color : White(back side Black)
  • Size : Face/Bath

Gauze and
         Jacquard weaving

The Komon-gara towel is produced the surface by Jacquard weaving and used gauze on the back side.
This combination creates the mild and soft touch to sensitive skin and the superior water absorption.