Mensha-ori. Lovely and casual design and soft to the touch.

Nakamura Chuzaemon Collection-3

Mensha-ori Towel

A sense of nostalgia in the
cross-quilted coat design and the
comfort of mensha, cotton weaving.

Woven of cotton gauze, these towels, in the cross-quilted design, are reminiscent of the Meiji era but adapt easily to the modern home.


One of the Japanese traditional domestic arts. A running stitch originally used to layer fabrics for warmth.

  • Color : Beige/Black
  • Size : Wash/Face/Bath

Kasuri-gara(splashed pattern)

Designs are created by dyeing the thread before weaving the fabric, a technique was adopted in Japan by Nakamura Chuzaemon, and which became the foundation of the modern Imabari towel industry.

  • Color : Indigo/Henna
  • Size : Wash/Face/Bath

Ichimatsu-gara(checked pattern)

The Ichimatsu pattern, derived from alternating squares of stones and moss in a garden, became popular in the Edo era when it was used for the costumes of kabuki actors.

  • Color : Pink/ Green
  • Size : Wash/Face/Bath

About Mensha-ori

Traditionally referred to a cotton gauze towel especially suitable to a climate of heat and humidity.