Wa-Modern. Traditional design revived in a stylish modern towel. The designs reect a Japanese sensibility and aesthetic.

Nakamura Chuzaemon Collection-2

Rakuyo-zome Towel

Japanese traditional designs in
ecologically responsible 100%
organic cotton, subtly colored
with natural dyes.

The Rakuyo-zome towel series, designed in traditional Japanese patterns, woven in 100% organic cotton yarn and colored with natural dyes. This is an ecologically-responsible product which oers a reminder of owers and grasses in a stylish towel in delicate colors. It brings the past into the present.

Kiku-gara(chrysanthemum pattern)

Kiku-gara Towel

Cultivate our lives lovely pink

Once compared to the sun and a representing nobility, the chrysanthemum symbolizes vitality. Our towel, in a subtle pink, oers you the loveliness of the chrysanthemum.

  • Color : Color name of Japan Tsuki-zome
  • Size : Wash/Face/Bath

Karakusa-gara (arabesque pattern)

Karakusa-gara Towel

Looked fresher, energetic

Using a pattern derived from the date palm tree in a brown that was the favorite color of the kabuki actor, we oer an updated Kabuki Danjuro brown.

  • Color : Color name of Japan Danjuro-cha
  • Size : Wash/Face/Bath

Asa-gara (hemp pattern)

Asa-gara Towel

Noble avor of ancient purple,

This towel unites the nobility with the people in its use of the hemp pattern favored by the people with the purple of the nobility.

  • Color : Color name of Japan Kodai-murasaki
  • Size : Wash/Face/Bath

Hishigata-gara (diamond pattern)

Hishigata-gara Towel

Miruiro, deep green for a smart style

A formal design once limited to use by the elite, in a traditionally Japanese green.

  • Color : Color name of Japan Miru-iro
  • Size : Wash/Face/Bath

Yuki-gara (snow pattern)

A playful pattern

The pattern that is evocative of snow before it melts into the landscape makes this one our most popular Rakuyo-zome towels.

  • Color : Color name of Japan
  • Size : Wash/Face/Bath

The charms of the Rakuyo-zome towel


Designs from nature
(The plants for dyeing)


Organic cotton

片面がジャガード織り 片面がガーゼ素材

(Jacquard weaving on one side, gauze on the other.)


Final Product(These towels are light, soft, and gentle on the skin. They are resilient and very absorbent.)