Michael Graves Designs for Nakachu Towels. Exciting work of Michael Graves in collaboration with NAKACHU-Japanese craftsmanship

Michael Graves

As an architect, product designer, painter, and professor, Michael Graves has been called a modern day Michelangelo.
His drawings and product designs are in the permanent collections of many of the world’s great museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art.
He has received many prestigious awards for design excellence including the AIA Gold Medal, the Driehaus Prize,and the National Medal of the Arts.
His exclusive designs for JCP are an artful blend of classical forms, modern materials and awless functionality.

Michael Graves towel design Concept

Michael Graves design image1


Michael Graves’ legendary wit is ever-present in his designs for products as well as in the architectural details of his buildings.
A play on scale and composition keeps his classical ideas fresh and lively.

Michael Graves design image2


The power and energy of these designs is derived from graphic simplicity combined with the artful application of a high-contrast color palette. Many of Graves’ buildings and product designs exhibit the same sensibilities of movement and activity when viewed in three dimensions.

Michael Graves design image3


Humble building materials inspire this collection from brick and stone to tile and glass – the tools of the architect and builder. It is no surprise that Graves’ patterns pay homage to these materials by employing them in two-dimensional gridded compositions in a color palette that is reminiscent of natural materials.