The Organic Towel. Mild and soft to skin

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Mild and soft to skin

Combed 100% high-quality organic cotton yarn.
These towels are durable and of the highest grade - and they are gentle on the environment.
Nakachu garners consumer condence for its ecologically-sound organic towels that are durable yet soft to the touch. Best for the environment. We oer several organic products.


The wae weave is very absorbent and dries quickly.

  • Color:Organic Color
  • Size:Wash/Face/Bath

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What is organic cotton?

The bers of the cotton feel springy to the touch. Mild and gentle on the skin, especially good for the sensitive skin of a child.
Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers over a period of three years. The crop yield is smaller but the benets to the environment and the individual are larger.


A rugged, raised pattern, a design in 3D.

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  • Color:White
  • Size:Wash/Face/Bath